Opportunities for curiosity, collaboration and creativity

An ELP series presentation by Jeanette Clarkin-Phillips & Margaret Carr

This presentation was around three research projects where aspects of children’s learning and dispositions were identified. The three projects centred around excursions to exhibitions in Te Papa and examined:

  1. Curiosity – Children being curious before, during, and after exhibitions.
  2. Collaboration – children as teachers.
  3. Creativity - Information gathering or creative capacity building.

The three exhibitions that the children attended were:

  1. Bark cloth and masks from Papua New Guinea.
  2. European Masters paintings from around the 17th century.
  3. Traditional cloaks or korowai.

The presentation continued by looking at each aspect of learning during each of the three exhibitions.


Outcomes: Curiosity straddles across all the strands in our curriculum Te Whāriki and a number of links were highlighted on the whiteboard during the presentation.


Outcomes: Collaboration in Te Whāriki is mainly in the strand of Belonging.


Conclusive remarks
I enjoyed this presentation because it was well put together and presented. I thought that Margaret Carr was extremely articulate in her presentation and it really resonated well when she spoke about links to Te Whāriki that came across as a positive impact on me. Her choice of words made it so meaningful.