The purpose of starting this web project is an attempt to highlight the fact that teachers of early childhood education reflect on their daily practice. Through these reflections on their practical experience, academic research, developmental guidelines, and the curriculum, an evolving pattern of one's own pedagogical beliefs and strategies emerges.  

The early years are an important stage in terms of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development for a child. Research shows us that these years are vital for children to establish a strong foundation towards becoming independent lifelong learners. Qualified professional teachers through practice and academic research are there to offer guidance to establish an environment conducive to children developing into confident, competent, and individual learners. I share a few of my reflections to offer an insight into what we do as teachers in the hope that the credibility of this profession is kept intact and not looked upon as a babysitting service.

From a personal perspective, I do feel that more men need to be encouraged to join this profession of early childhood educators. This offers children an exposure to gender balance and role modelling from both male and female teachers. Unfortunately, there are only just over 2% of qualified male teachers in New Zealand. As a male early childhood teacher, I hope that my reflections offer a glimpse of what we do in our daily practice and that I am able to influence other men to enter into this incredible world of early childhood education.

Cyrus Taraporvala


Bachelor of Education (Steiner Early Childhood Teaching)
Conferring Institution: Auckland University of Technology

New Zealand Steiner Teacher Certificate Early Childhood
Conferring Institution: Taruna, Havelock North

Trinity CertTESOL (Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages)
Conferring Institution: English for Asia, Hong Kong


Cyrus Taraporvala